Complete Generator Fuel Test


  • D7371 Biodiesel Content 
  • D2500 Cloud Point
  • D6371 CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)
  • D86 Distillation
  • D4737 Cetane Index 
  • D93 Flash
  • D6304 Karl Fischer Water
  • D7463 Microbial Contamination
  • D6703 Sulfur
  • D6468 Thermal Stability


Each test kit includes a sample bottle with directions for retrieving the fuel sample and a box with instructions to ship your sample to our lab.

A return shipping label to MEG Laboratory will be provided for a fee.  The return freight charge will be calculated when you check out.


The intent of a backup generator is to provide power when called upon.  Many generator OEMs require that the fuel meets strict specifications and because fuel for standby generators is often stored for long periods of time, degradation can cause fuel to fall out of specification.  Routine testing assures the fuel is in specification, free of contaminants and will perform when called upon.  This package will provide a complete assessment of the fuel in your storage tank.

The following tests are included with this order:

D7371 Biodiesel Content – Measures the biodiesel content in a diesel fuel blend.

D2500 Cloud Point – The temperature of the sample when the first wax crystal is visible to the naked eye.

D6371 CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) –  The sample is cooled and tested at specified conditions at intervals of 1ºC until the amount of wax crystals that separate out of solution is sufficient to stop or slow down the flow.

D86 Distillation – Distillation provides a measure of the temperature range over which a fuel volatilizes or turns to a vapor. Lighter fuels typically have greater volatility than heavier fuels.

D4737 Cetane Index – Calculated Cetane Index.  This estimates the cetane number of distillate fuels from the API gravity, 10%, 50% and 90%  and boiling point.

D93 Flash – The flashpoint is the temperature to which a fuel must be heated to produce an ignitable mixture of fuel and air above the surface of the liquid. The flashpoint as specified is not directly related to engine performance. It is, however, of importance in connection with legal requirements and safety precautions involved in fuel handling and storage, and it is normally specified to meet insurance and fire regulations.

D6304 Karl Fischer Water –  Measures entrained water.  The presence of water can prematurely create corrosion and wear, reduce lubrication, plug filters, and create an environment for microbial growth.

D7463 Microbial Contamination – Uses reflective light to quantify the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms in fuel.

D6703 Sulfur – Sulfur levels in fuel are regulated by various governmental agencies to assure compatibility with emission standard requirements.

D6468 Thermal Stability – Provides an indication of thermal-oxidative stability or level of degradation of fuel.

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