Our combination of stabilizers, WASA and cold flow improvers make our additive package a total product solution for your stand-by generator application. PowerGen Diesel Protection provides defense against fuel degradation and microbial contamination and ensures cold and hot weather operability.

The intent of a stand-by generator is to have emergency power in the event of a power interruption. Unlike the fuel in a storage tank that is turned over each week or each month, the fuel used to power a stand-by generator often sits for extended periods of time.

ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) has created problems for diesel users. The most common problems experienced with ULSD are:

Lower Stability of the Fuel – ULSD has a shorter shelf life and degrades easily.

Higher Incidence of Microbial Contamination – Microbes cause corrosion of tanks and plug fuel filters. Sulfur reduction in ULSD took away a natural antibiotic which protected against contamination.

Challenges with Cold Weather Operability – Because of the way ULSD is processed, there is a higher incidence of paraffin drop out at cold temperatures.

PowerGen Diesel Protection is the ONE SOLUTION to the problems created by ULSD, developed for the special needs of stand-by generators.

Product Benefits

  • Protects against the most common fuel quality issues
  • Ensures fuel operability in extreme weather conditions
  • Reduces or Delays thermal oxidation, the leading cause of black filters which can lead to filter plugging
  • Stabilizers ensure a Longer Shelf Life and Stop Fuel Degradation
  • Eliminates Microbial Growth in your fuel tanks
  • Cold flow improvers perform equal to or better than using 30% No. 1 diesel
  • De-icer Prevents Fuel Line Water Freeze-Up and Filter Plugging
  • WASA prevents wax crystals from dropping and plugging fuel filters
  • Provides the detergency needed to achieve a “Clean Up” rating in the DW10 Standard Injector Coking Test

TREAT RATE:  1 gallon of PowerGen treats 800 gallons of diesel fuel

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