Basic Generator Fuel Test


  • D6304 Karl Fischer Water 
  • D7463 Microbial Contamination
  • D6468 Thermal Stability
  • D7371 Biodiesel Content


Each test kit includes a sample bottle with directions for retrieving the fuel sample and a box with instructions to ship your sample to our lab.

A return shipping label to MEG Laboratory will be provided for a fee.  The return freight charge will be calculated when you check out.


Fuel that is stored for long periods of time should be tested on a regular basis to make sure it will perform when needed.  This basic package includes the top 3 critical tests for contaminants and fuel degradation.

The following tests are included with this order:

D6304 Karl Fischer Water –  Measures entrained water.  The presence of water can prematurely create corrosion and wear, reduce lubrication, plug filters, and create an environment for microbial growth.

D7463 Microbial Contamination – Uses reflective light to quantify the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms in fuel.

D6468 Thermal Stability – Provides an indication of thermal-oxidative stability or level of degradation of fuel.

D7371 Biodiesel Content – Measures the biodiesel content in a diesel fuel blend.

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