OptiMax is specifically formulated for use in all types of diesel fuel including heating oil, biodiesel blends and especially ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.


  • Detergency necessary to achieve a “Clean Up” rating in the DW10 Standard Injector Coking Test
  • Keeps injectors clean and maintains proper fuel spray pattern to avoid incomplete combustion
  • Prevents formation of sticky deposits
  • Prevents power loss caused by plugged injectors


  • Reduces or delays thermal oxidation, the leading cause of black filters which can lead to filter plugging
  • Improves storage life by 2-3 times as long without additives by preventing the formation of gums

Corrosion/Rust Inhibition

  • Prevents corrosion of fuel storage tanks and vehicle tanks
  • Protects injectors and fuel systems from corrosion and rust formation
  • Prolongs fuel equipment life

Water Tolerance

  • Promotes rapid separation of water when there is a major problem with free water
  • Allows you to pump out the water and get back into business ASAP


  • Exceeds lubricity standard in ASTM D975 and EMA premium diesel requirement
  • Reduces friction in engine parts
  • Provides protection against accelerated wear
  • Prolongs fuel system equipment life

TREAT RATE: 1 gallon of OptiMax treats 3000 gallons of diesel fuel

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Case of 1 Gallon Jugs (4), Case of 2.5 Gallon Jugs (2)


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