Premium Diesel Additives

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Premium Diesel Additives

MEG Corp offers a line of fuel additives that reflect the latest technology to address the challenges created by ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). The refinery processes of hydrotreating to remove sulfur and hydrocracking to make value-added products have resulted in diesel fuel that is distinctly different than high sulfur diesel and low sulfur diesel.

ULSD has the following characteristics, creating challenges for diesel users:

  • Less stable, causing faster fuel degradation and shorter shelf life
  • Prone to thermal breakdown resulting in black filters, also related to being less stable
  • Has poor cold weather properties which causes wax to drop out of the fuel and plug filters
  • Lacks lubricity, which can cause wear and tear on the fuel system
  • Has a higher incidence of bacteria and fungus growth due to lack of sulfur

Discover how MEG Corp additives can provide solutions to these challenges for optimal fuel

These MEG Corp products offer everyday solutions to ULSD challenges for optimal fuel performance all year long and dependable cold-weather operability in winter months.

Performance + winterization PW100 Optimax
Detergents to Clean Up Fuel Injectors
Stabilizers for Increased Shelf Life and Anti-Fouling
Corrosion Inhibitors
De-icer to prevent ice crystal formation
Cold Flow Improvers for Winter Operability
Wax Anti-Settling Agents to Inhibit Wax Molecule Growth and Keep Wax Suspended
Treat rate 1:1000 1:3000

These MEG Corp products have been developed to prevent or address storage and vehicle tank maintenance issues. Some of our specialty products provide many of the same benefits as our premium products but targeted toward specific applications that have unique challenges.