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MEG Corp products and services were developed and adapted to address the problems present in real-world fuel applications. Our diesel additives address the challenges brought about by ultra-low sulfur diesel, including short shelf life of the fuel, plugged filters due to thermal oxidation, unsuspended wax crystals and increased microbial contamination. Stored fuel is prone to a variety of contaminants that can cause filter plugging and decreased fuel performance. Our fuel laboratory packages were created to
provide easy access and implementation of a routine fuel testing program, which has also become increasingly necessary with the challenges of ultra-low sulfur diesel. Our truck and tractor pulling fuels were developed in close partnership with leaders in the sport to provide a high-performance fuel that meets the needs of the users. If you don’t see exactly what you need, email or call for additional product size options or testing capabilities.

Premium Diesel Additives

Diesel additive products reflecting the latest in technology to deliver optimal diesel performance.

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Fuel Quality Testing Laboratory

Rapid, reliable results backed by our technical expertise.


Truck & Tractor Pulling Fuel

High-performance fuel for increased horsepower and torque.

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