Cold Flow Testing


  • D2500 Cloud Point
  • D6371 CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) 
  • D7371 Biodiesel Content


Each test kit includes a sample bottle with directions for retrieving the fuel sample and a box with instructions to ship your sample to our lab.

A return shipping label to MEG Laboratory will be provided for a fee.  The return freight charge will be calculated when you check out.


Fuel properties differ by crude slate, region and refinery.  This test package will tell you at what temperature your fuel will perform.

The following tests are included with this order:

D2500 Cloud Point – The temperature of the sample when the first wax crystal is visible to the naked eye.

D6371 CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) –  The sample is cooled and tested at specified conditions at intervals of 1ºC until the amount of wax crystals that separate out of solution is sufficient to stop or slow down the flow.

D7371 Biodiesel Content – Measures the biodiesel content in a diesel fuel blend.

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