Here are some examples of questions that we could help answer:

What should I look for when buying quality biodiesel?
How will using ULSD impact my vehicle?
How can I best maintain my fuel storage tank?
What is the proper cold weather operability for my fleet? How do I achieve this?
Is the product I am buying meeting specification?
What types of fuel additives are there?

MEG Corp can help you develop a fuel quality program for your fleet's optimum performance which includes proper storage, handling and use guidelines and a fuel quality testing program.


Educational Seminars

Hoon Ge
Hoon is a chemical engineer with 25 years in the petroleum industry including refining, additive formulation and alternative fuels. He has conducted over 200 educational seminars on topics of diesel, biodiesel, fuel additives, the refinery process and ethanol. Hoon has also provided technical support to all segments of the biodiesel industry by troubleshooting and solving filter plugging issues by operating the National Biodiesel Board’s Biodiesel Hotline. He has testified before the MN state legislature regarding the technical benefits of biodiesel and has consulted with governments on the city, county and state level toward successful use of biodiesel blends and successful transition to use of higher biodiesel blends.

Hoon started MEG Corp in 2005 in order to provide consulting services to a wide variety of customers including fuel distributors, biodiesel marketers and fleet managers. Prior to starting his own company, Hoon worked for several well-known companies, including Koch Refining, and Schaeffer Manufacturing. While at Koch Refining for 10 years, he was responsible for blending diesel and gasoline and developed the Premium Diesel Program. At Schaeffer Manufacturing, he managed the fuel additives division for 9 years. 


“Thank you for participating in the third annual Renewable Fuels Action Summit as a workshop panelist. This event was a great success, and you played a big part in making that happen. Thanks for your help on this conference. I look forward to working with you on energy issues in the future.”
U.S. Senator, Byron L. Dorgan – North Dakota

"Thank you for presenting at our monthly Maintenance Council meeting. It was a successful meeting. We had very positive feedback from our attendees who felt it was very informative."
Minnesota Trucking Association